Prysm for desktop's browser banner

If you see a yellow banner message in Prysm for desktop's browser, here's why:

  • Someone is using Prysm for web to view the workspace.
    When you add a browser in Prysm for desktop, users who view your workspace in Prysm for web can't see the browser exactly as you see it. They see a link that they can click to open the web page you're viewing in their default browser outside of Prysm. If you're fine with that experience for the users in Prysm for web, you can click the X button to close the banner.
  • Follow Me mode is on.
    If Follow Me mode is on while you're using Prysm for desktop's browser, other users who are following you might not be able to see exactly what you're displaying in the browser.
  • You're viewing a web site that requires users to sign in with one of Prysm's supported identity providers.
    Prysm's supported identity providers are Azure, Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS), G Suite, Ping, Okta, and Salesforce. If users have never signed in to those web sites using a Prysm browser, the browser directs them to a sign in page.
Tip: For best results, if you plan to have multiple people sign in to the same web site in the same workspace, have each person sign in while they are the only person in the workspace. This enables the browser to save each person's credentials correctly. You only have to do this the first time you access this web site. You can click the X button to close the banner any time.