Prysm updates and changes

Prysm changes the way teams work. We hope the following updates help your teams work better with Prysm.

What's new in Prysm for desktop 1.5 (December 2018)

Browser Improvements

With Prysm's Windows 10 browser, you can:

  • Load and navigate web sites more quickly.
  • Download files from online file storage providers such as OneDrive or Dropbox (or any web site). The files are added to your project and placed on your workspace.
  • Show or hide the address bar for a clean look on the workspace.
  • Switch the browser to a co-browser with one click.
  • For more information about Prysm's new browser, click here.

Project file downloading

You can download project files to your device in the same way you can in Prysm for web. In a project, click Files > Gear icon > Download.


  • Performance improvements to resolve app crashes.
  • Confirmation prompt to prevent you from accidentally removing assets from your workspace when you don't mean to.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements.
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